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  • Miles Davis -

    Miles Davis: Dark Magus: Live At Carnegie Hall [2-CD SET]
    Compellingly pissed-off music that's lluminating and inspiring; sure it's ugly in places and totally improvisational but it keeps drawing me back into its anger and rage (and moments of beauty).

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    Various Artists: Memphis Boys - The Story Of American Studios
    Virtually a Memphis Greatest Hits compilation, this ACE records comp of tracks recorded at American Studios has some great tracks sung by singers famous or otherwise. Great CD for long drives.

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    Caesar Frazier: Hail Caesar! / '75
    Comp CD of two albums from this relatively unknown Detroit Hammond wizard. Some originals blend with well-chosen covers from his days on Westbound/Eastbound Records. "Hicky Burr" a classic, as good as the original.

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    Isaac Hayes: Shaft (Hybid SACD)
    My favorite soundtrack album of all time, sounding even better in SACD format. Great performances and tracks, adding greatly to the vibe of the film. "Cafe Reggio's", "Do Your Thing", and (of course" "Theme From Shaft" are the highlights of this double album.

  • Nicola Conte - Love & Revolution

    Love & Revolution
    Nicola Conte: Love & Revolution

    Conte is making some of the most consistently enjoyable records I've heard lately. This one features some great vocal performances and the band is in fine form. This sounds almost like a continuation of his "Details" record, albeit with some slight personnel changes. Highly recommended.

  • Donald Harrison - Real Life Stories

    Real Life Stories
    Donald Harrison: Real Life Stories

    Talk about an album that grows on you, I don't remember how I ran across this one but I'm happy I did. Great playing (albeit with lots of restraint), the song selection is excellent and it's nicely recorded. Recorded over 10 years ago, it still sounds vital and fresh.

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16 January 2011



That was me in the Caterham. I was doing a shakedown run before a track event.

The only reason for the helmet is that I was too lazy to put on a windscreen and I didn't want to get roadkill thrown in my face by the car in front of me.


Ah. The blue tape.

It is there while (lazily) looking for a stone-chip solution that does not involve bolting a stupid stainless steel plate onto the wing.

My procrastination on this subject has already paid of handsomely since I ripped the entire wing of at the track event when hitting a cone.

Dan Fredman PR

Sorry to hear about the track day incident, but I always figured that it's always worth hoping that the blue tape would hold the wing on...the Caterham looks like a very fun (and adrenaline-inducing) ride.

Jacob Rodman

Ahh, British cars. Some of the most beautiful cars in the world are made in England. That Lotus/Caterham reminds me of the Ariel Atom, only bigger in size. The driver must have taken the inspiration to wear a helmet from Top Gear's Stig, haha. Jeremy Clarkson would be proud.

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