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  • Torbreck Vineyards
    Torbreck winemaker David Powell crafts wine that reflects the character of Australia's Barossa Valley and are as monumental as any of the world's greatest.
  • Baker Lane
    The Baker Lane Pinot Noir and Syrah Stephen Singer produces combine the best of both the old and new worlds- bold fruit is balanced by an elegant tannin structure, easily identifiable as being from Sonoma.
  • Martian Ranch & Vineyard
    An eclectic grower of grape varietals both esoteric and otherwise... Martian Ranch is a young, biodynamically-farmed vineyard on Alisos Canyon Road in Los Alamos, California, where we take our farming much more seriously than we take ourselves. Planted to Rhône and Iberian grape varieties, the tasting room and winery are presently under construction.
    Italian grape varieties grown in California, beautifully turned into wine by master winemaker Jim Moore. They work with food, don't cost an arm and a leg, have acidity and lower alcohol levels than one might expect. It's wonderful juice that's widely available throughout the USA.
  • Brooks
    Founded in 1998, Brooks is a winery and biodynamically-farmed vineyard in the Willamette Valley that continues to reflect the vision of visionary Portland native Jimi Brooks. General Manager Janie Brooks Heuck and Winemaker Chris Williams have recently announced the commencement of construction of their new winemaking facility in Amity, Oregon.
  • Trombetta Family Wines
    Mother and daughter winemaking team Rickey Trombetta Stancliff and Erica Stancliff make sublime Pinot Noir from the Gap's Crown and Peterson vineyards in Sonoma County.



About Dan Fredman

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I’ve spent the last 25+ years in and around the retail wine business. I’m an inveterate (and unregenerate) winegeek, initially supporting my wine habit by working part-time for several Los Angeles area wine retailers. This eventually led to chronic full-time employment with retailers/importers such as Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant in Berkeley and The Grateful Palate in Oxnard (multi-hemispherical doesn’t always equate to bi-polar)!

Ultimately rescued from the Sargasso Sea that my retail career had drifted into, I am now firmly ensconced in the cosmos of wine public relations and marketing. My experience in the wine industry has served to increase the scope of my knowledge of, curiosity about, and evangelical zeal for wine. My client roster is diverse enough to amuse even someone with ADD and includes wines grown on six continents and encompasses old world and new world winemaking styles.

Despite my mother’s admonition to “Never work for friends”, my clients produce wine that I like to drink and they’re the sorts of folks with whom I like to spend time around the dinner table. I offer “PR & Marketing to the thirsty…” Whether they’re thirsty for wine, thirsty for knowledge, or simply thirsty for something a little different in their vinous life, I use my expertise to come up with the means to get their messages heard not only by the media but by my clients’ supply chains and ultimately, the thirsty consumer…

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